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Code of Conduct

For TFP or Paid Shoots

  1. Before any shooting takes place, I will discuss with the model, or their agent, the global idea of the shoot. I will explain how and what we will be shooting and will go over any wardrobe and other items used for the shoot.
  2. If I provide a location for the shoot (studio, hotel, apartment, etc.) I will do my best to make sure it is safe and sufficiently private for the purposes of the shoot.
  3. During the shoot I will make sure there are sufficient short breaks, for shoots that last longer than 2 hours, a longer meal break can be scheduled in.
  4. The model’s safety always comes first. In the case of bondage scenes, there will be proper safety equipment on hand. For complicated scenes (i.e. suspension bondage) there will always be an experienced and trusted rigger present who will be handling the bondage.
  5. The model should be aware that they can end the shoot at any point for any reason, and we can re-evaluate our agreement.
  6. The modelrelease will be presented to the model, or agent, before the shoot but will have to be signed AFTER the shoot. The reason for this is explained in the modelrelease.
  7. A model’s ID will be required for adult themed shoots, to be shown before the shoot starts.
  8. Any agreed payment will be made after the shoot concludes and the modelrelease has been signed by the model.
    • If the model is showing signs of being under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or other judgement impairing substances, at any point before, or during the shoot, I will end the shoot immediately.
    • If the model is not able to clearly consent to the shoot, I will end the shoot immediately.
    • If the agent representing the model, guardian, or chaperone, involves themselves with the shoot i.e. directing the model, pushing the model to do something they don’t want, or anything that would influence the outcome of the shoot, the shoot will end immediately.
  9. If I end the shoot because of any of the reasons under point 9, no payment will be made.
  10. Removal of material on request of the model will always be taken into consideration and honoured in case of TFP shoots, for paid shoots a reasonable fee will be required to offset the loss of potential income or reimbursement of the paid shoot.