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I’ve been using Photosmith for the iPad to do my sorting and tagging of photos for the past two weeks. It links up with Lightroom via a plugin that allows you to send photos over wifi to the iPad, where you can grade, group, tag, and even share to social media sites or Dropbox. Once you’re done grading, you sync the metadata back to Lightroom and you can continue processing your photos if needed.

Photosmith ScreenshotHere are some of my thoughts after 2 weeks if use…

It’s incredibly relaxing to use the iPad for sorting, grading and grouping photos. In Lightroom I never used to bother with grouping or color coding, but Photosmith makes it so easy to do. I love the auto grouping feature, it sorts all photos by date-time and groups them together with other photos taken within a set time. You can adjust the timeframe too, so it’s very flexible.

In combination with the iPad’s Retina display, it’s very easy to catch those just too blurry photos.

Syncing with Lightroom is a snap, though it can take a while if you have a large amount of photos to sync. 265 photos took about 15 minutes to sync, though a lot of the time is spent in conversion to the iPad’s native resolution. It might be faster if you’re using non-scaled versions of the photos, but I have yet to try that out.
Syncing back to Lightroom is pretty fast, as only the metadata will be transferred.

It was easy to integrate Photosmith in my workflow and has taken some of the boring parts out of the sorting process. It’s not a cheap app at $19.99 and probably not for everyone. Not a must have app, but nice to have if you have an iPad and use Lightroom.